Why purchase an Express Warranty with NeutronUSA.com?

Use our easy online form to get your RMA quickly, instead of wasting hours on the phone with manufacturers who have better things to do and lots of people to deal with - or waiting days for them to reply to your emails.

Replacement will be on its way to you in 3-7 business days unlike with the manufacturer, whom you may still be trying to contact in that time and who can take weeks or even months to ship out a replacement.

Manufacturer's warranty is honored for the entire length of the initial warranty ¹ even if the drive needs to be replaced or repaired. The manufacturer often only gives a 30 day warranty after the first time the item is returned, voiding the rest of the warranty.

Discontinued or unavailable items are upgraded to a similar one or better ² because we know you need an item fast. There may be nothing the manufacturer can do for you in a similar situation.

No hidden cost under "Manufacturer's warranty" Lots of manufacturers may not handle the warranty as you expected even they claim their products have warranty (even lifetime warranty). Some manufacturers may charge the handling fee to cover their return handling. Others may require you to return the defective items to dealers, then to manufacturers for the warranty services. Since you are valuable customer of NeutronUSA.com, we will help you to handle your warranty service through manufacturers if you need. However, if you did not purchase the warranty service from us, we may charge you a reasonable rate to cover the expense directly incurred from handling your defective item. The labor, communication, and material costs are used to cover diagnostic, reports writing, contacting, packaging, insurance, follow up, receiving, and Shipping to you.

¹ Warranty is based upon the original invoice date and can not be reset.
² The item may not be brand new (but guaranteed a workable one). NeutronUSA.com reserves the right to refund the charge for Express warranty if customer cannot take similar one/ upgrade one for technical issue.
If you would like to contact our staff for a warranty product return, please use this form.