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Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Control

Advantech is a global leader in plug-in I/O card design and manufacturing, providing a full range of industrial data acquisition (DAQ) and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications such as: monitoring, motion control, data acquisition, and automated testing. There are five major categories - PC/104, PCI-bus, ISA-bus, USB-based, and CompactPCI modules. With rich wiring terminals and extensive software support, Advantech provides reliable, efficient, and cost-saving industrial solutions. Moreover, Advantech's DAQ products could simply be bundled with versatile industrial PC chassis, backplanes, CPU modules, flat panel monitors and embedded automation computers.

 ISA Cards

■  Analog Output
■  Counter
■  Analog Input

 CompactPCI System

 PCI Cards

■  USB Modules

 Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards