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Whether you're looking to connect from your home or office USRobotics has the right modem for you. Features like carrier-loss redial and dial-back security provide enhanced security for our business modems. And every USRobotics analog modem uses advanced line probing technology, so you'll achieve the fastest analog downloads possible.
Don't let distance or your working environment keep you from staying connected. With no wires to wrestle with, it's easy to put a high-speed network connection wherever you need it. With our new line of MAXg wireless networking products (PC Card, PCI Adapter, and Access Point), you and your network will benefit from the higher speed, greater range, and better coverage that USRobotics 100 Mbps wireless networking has to offer. For maximum flexibility, add a Wireless Router and get firewall and wired Ethernet capabilities. And best of all, our MAXg products are completely compatible with all 11 Mbps, 22 Mbps 802.11b, and 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless standard products.
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