Advantech offers a full range of products designed specifically for traffic automation applications.

Mobility today plays an important part in the prosperity of the economy. Our lifestyles are shaped by immediate decisions. Clear connections are essential in ensuring no interruption in our day-to-day commute. Unfortunately, insufficient infrastructure and old equipment diminish our ability for a streamlined commute. Many cities worldwide are in the midst of updating their transportation systems including automated parking, toll booth collection, subway entrances, etc.
Advantech Intelligent Traffic Application Highlights
Parking Lot Monitoring
  Parking lots should be safe for you as well as your car. Unfortunately, not all parking lots meet these needs. Advantech has the equipment, such as Flat Panel Monitors and Ethernet Switches, to help provide a security video surveillance and monitoring system for any new or older parking lot need.
Traffic Light Control
  As the density of vehicle traffic climbs, installation of new environmentally friendly traffic control systems are necessary to provide safe traffic flow. Advantech's combination of their Touch Panel Computers, Ethernet Switches, and Softlogic Controllers provide the tools necessary to deliver proper traffic control.
Electronic Toll Collection
  Toll booths have evolved over the years. Now, cash is not the only acceptable source of payment, many are using credit cards. Advantech's Embedded Automation Computers and Communication Boards can modernize toll booths as well as provide the speed and accuracy needed to keep the toll booths moving without delays.

Tunnel Monitoring
  Tunnel monitoring is light control, ventilation, traffic guidance, and so much more. It's imperative that all these items are working at all times to avoid traffic issues or accidents. Advantech has a complete line of PAC controllers that can meet all these needs and more.
Parking Facility Kiosk
  The automation of parking facilities is a growing need. Customers are looking for an easy and quick in-and-out service. Parking facility management is looking for ways to cut cost but improve their structure. Advantech has provided many options to succeed in this process.
Automatic Parking and EV Charging Station
  Indoor or outdoor parking facilities can take advantage of Advantech's ADAM series to manage and monitor their facilities. Advantages include easy installation and mounting, high isolation protection, wide temperature support, just to name a few. Moreover, by integrating Advantech's touch panel computers with ADAM modules they can serve as self-service pay stations in parking lots or EV charging stations.

Advantech Intelligent Traffic Product Highlights
Touch Panel Computers
  Ultra-slim, light, fanless 3.5" through 17" display size that feature low power consumption processors and high-bright displays.
Flat Panel Monitors
  Industrial-grade with high-bright displays and multi-function capabilities in sizes ranging from 6" to 19".
UNO-2100 Series
  Fanless wall mounted industrial PCs with PC/104 expansion. Wide computing power from Pentium M to Atom D510.

UNO-3000 Series
  Fanless wall mounted industrial PCs with PCI-bus expansion. Wide computing power from Pentium M to Atom D510.
APAX-5000 Series
  Control, information processing, and networking in a single control system. Series include controllers, I/O modules, backplanes, and power supply modules.
ADAM-5000 Series
  Programmable Automation Computers that support five standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0. Optional HMI software and many different I/O support modules.
ADAM-6000 Series
  Ethernet I/O modules empowered by Peer-to-Peer and Graphic Condition Logic that can perform as standalone products for measurement, control, and automation.
ADAM-4100 Series
  Robust I/O Modules that are compact and versatile sensor-to-computer interface units. They can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85C.
PCM-3600 Series
  Advantech's PC/104 industrial communication boards feature Ethernet, RS-232 or RS-422/485 ports and designed for communication applications.
PCM-3700 Series
  Advantech's PC/104 industrial I/O boards feature Ethernet, RS-232 or RS-422/485 ports and can be applied into embedded multiport applications.
EKI-2000 Series
  Advantech's Unmanaged Ethernet switches require no set-up, they are true plug-and-play and available in 10/100 or 10/100/1000Mbps speeds.
EKI-7000 Series
  Advantech's Managed Ethernet Switches include the X-Ring technology, the fastest recovery time (<10ms) to increase the reliability and speed of network infrastructures.